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By Speed broadband packages are becoming more popular due to their competitive prices and the broadband user's growing interest in band-width rich content like video, audio, or streaming TV's like IPTV services. At this speed, you can download a video file of 750MB size in less than 13 minutes. While this speed makes your web browsing, emailing, online shopping and VoIP services incredibly faster, 8Mb broadband is much required if you wish to view regular Standard Television channels and the MPEG4 of High Definition TV channels online.

ProviderTitleDownload LimitSpeedMonthly CostDetail
The Basics(O2 Mobile)20GB20Mb£8.17
BT Business-Office 10GB20Mb£16.00
Simply BroadbandUnlimited20Mb£15.00
Plusnet Value10GB20Mb£6.49
Orange Home UltraUnlimited**20Mb£13.50
Demon Home 25020Mb£15.28
Virgin Media BroadbandUnlimited20Mb£10.00
Sky Broadband UnlimitedUnlimited20MB £15
O2 Home Broadband Basics20GB20Mb£13.00
Broadband off peak callsUnlimited**20Mb£7.50
BT Total: Broadband & Mor40GB20Mb£18.00
Broadband-Anytime Calls10GB20Mb£16.00
Simply BroadbandUnlimited**20Mb£10.00
Virgin BroadbandUnlimited20MB£10
O2 Home Broadband Unlimited 20MB£15
Virgin Media CableUnlimited 20Mb £20.00
Sky broadband Everyday2GB20Mb£5.00
O2 Broadband: The WorksUnlimited20Mb£25.00
Plusnet value +Talk10GB20Mb£6.49
Plusnet Extra60GB20Mb£11.49
The Works(For O2 MobileUnlimited**20Mb£20.42
BT BroadbandUnlimited20Mb£20.00
Broadband anytime callsUnlimited**20Mb£10.00
Plusnet Pro20GB20Mb £16.49
HomeOffice 260GB20Mb£18.21

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