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Toucan is part of the Pipex group after a takeover in 2007. However, its philosophies remain the same having built up an enviable relationship with its customers due to ease of use and value for money. Toucan is all about converging services into one simple monthly bill - and this is reflected with the savings that can be made through its broadband and phone deals (which are actually cheaper than the stand-alone products in its range). The Toucan broadband name has been retained because it has a strong reputation and the packages on offer continue to offer real variety and choice to two groups of broadband users - new users fresh off a dial-up deal; and users who want super-fast broadband speeds. Who is Toucan broadband ideal for? As there are no set download restrictions, though a fair use policy does apply, Toucan is recommended for large families who share a broadband connection and for heavy users who are online throughout the day. Your choice is based on speed and the phone package you are interested in - there are large savings to be made with all of the Toucan broadband deals. What do you need to get Toucan broadband? You will require a phone line and a USB modem or router (modem is included). If you have a PC you will need: * 30Mb of free disc space * With Windows 98SE/ME: A Pentium processor 166MHz or compatible with a minimum of 32Mb of memory. * With Windows 2000/XP: A Pentium II processor or compatible with a minimum of 64Mb of memory. If you have a Mac you will need: * Mac OS 8.6 and Mac OS 9.x: 640Kb of free disc space. * Mac OS X v10.1: 121Mb of free disc space. * Mac OS X v10.2, v10.3 and v10.4: 21Mb of free disc space. What else does Toucan have to offer? Toucan boasts that its line rental is the lowest advertised in the UK. Broadband benefits include a free modem, 90-day virus software trial, 25Mb of webspace and online account management. It should be noted that currently the Speedtouch modem does not support PCs that have been upgraded from Windows XP to Visa - though it does support new PCs with Windows Vista. Generally, Toucan's range is competitive and its unlimited downloads will attract families, businesses and heavy internet users to take advantage of its competitive broadband and phone packages.

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