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At a time when the broadband market is overrun with special deals and slogans such as 'free' and 'unlimited' broadband, one provider bucks the trend by proudly promoting its honest approach to broadband marketing while at the same time striving to offer value for money. The provider in question is Madasafish, part of the Brightview Group, established in 2001. The company also speaks proudly about the quality of customer services with support technicians fully trained for both Windows PCs and Macs. In 2006 the company scooped the best heavy consumer broadband award at the Internet Service Provider Awards (ISPAs). As an established provider of line rental, Madasafish can also offer large savings for phone calls made if you choose to tie in one of its Talk plans with your broadband subscription. Who is Madasafish broadband ideal for? Madasafish broadband packages are suitable for all types of users - although most will prefer the MAX broadband deal, which is the cheapest in the range. With a capacity of 5Gb/month it is more than adequate for most users while allowing you to enjoy super-fast internet speeds. What do you need to get Madasafish broadband? * You must have a non-cable phone line. * All Madasafish packages include a free home wireless networking kit - the DSL-924. * For those with a Windows PC, you must have Windows 2000 or higher, with a minimum of a Pentium 350MHz processor or equivalent with an available Ethernet port. * If you have a Mac you must have an available Ethernet port and it must be an IMac G3, Powerbook G3 or above, running OSX 10.1 or above. What else does Madasafish have to offer? There are a number of bonus features for Madasafish subscribers including unlimited email addresses, free webmail, 100Mb of webspace, a free Static IP address and a trial version of BullGuard security suite. The free wireless networking kit comes with every package, as does a free connection. You can also choose to move your line rental over to Madasafish to capitalise on its Talk Free and Talk Anytime offers. Talk free has unlimited weekend and evening calls to UK landlines beginning with 01 and 02; while Talk Anytime has unlimited calls to UK landlines (again beginning with 01 and 02) at any time. Madasafish broadband clearly has vast appeal to anyone wishing to combine their services and pay both their broadband and phone charges with one simple bill. However, even if you are looking for a broadband-only deal Madasafish is well worth consideration thanks to its cost-effective packages, the wide range of choice available and its refreshing honesty and attitude towards its customers.

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