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O2 broadband offers super-fast service to home users and businesses in the UK at competitive prices. If you are already an O2 customer, O2 offers £4.89 discount, which means you get the award winning O2 broadband from just £7.50 per month. Sign up to O2 mobile broadband for less than £20.00 a month and save even more on your home or business broadband. O2 Goes from Strength to Strength with the O2 Home Broadband product continuing to sweep the telecoms awards. They managed to brush aside their competitors in the March USwitch Awards winning an incredible 9 out of 11 available awards! This is proof that O2 are constantly ahead of their competitors and continually growing their Home Broadband product.

ProviderTitleDownload LimitSpeedMonthly CostDetail
O2 Broadband: The WorksUnlimited20Mb£25.00
O2 Home Broadband Unlimited 20MB£15
O2 Home Broadband Basics20GB20Mb£13.00
O2 Mobile Broadband3GB3.6Mb£15.00
O2 Mobile Broadband Pay 2GB7.2Mb£15.00
The Basics(O2 Mobile)20GB20Mb£8.17
The Works(For O2 MobileUnlimited**20Mb£20.42

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