Salient features of Be broadband packages: Be offers two superfast broadband packages and an entry level package for light users. All packages offer unlimited download allowance! With its ADSL 2+ technology, Be is one the UK broadband providers that offer super-fast service of speeds up to 24Mbps! Reliability, high-quality service and excellent customer support are the hallmarks of Be. Be broadband packages rarely disappoint the customers who are led by the advertised speeds while choosing a deal. Be broadband is ideal for all, whether home users, businesses or online game enthusiasts. If you do not wish to be tied into a 12 month contract, you can opt for the Unlimited or Pro packages. These deals will cost £2.50 more per month than the yearly contract, as well as a one-off connection fees of £24, and require a 3 month notice of termination.

ProviderTitleDownload LimitSpeedMonthly CostDetail
Be ProUnlimited 24Mb£27.00
Be Pro(3 months)Unlimited**24Mb£30.00
Be UnlimitedUnlimited24Mb£22.00
Be Unlimited(3 months)Unlimited24Mb£22.00
Be ValueUnlimited**12Mb£17.00

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