Satellite broadband
Do you live in a remote area where you can't get ADSL or cable broadband? Does the area where you liirst bill....

ProviderTitleSpeedUsage LimitMin ContractConnection FeeMonthly CostYear CostAction
Homenet Basic3.6 Mbps2.4 GB1 month£Nil£45.00£1137.00
Homenet Bronze3.6 Mbps4GB1 month£Nil£45.00£1257.00
Homenet Silver3.6 Mbps6GB1 month£Nil£55.00£1377.00

Satellite broadband
Do you live in a remote area where you can't get ADSL or cable broadband? Does the area where you live lie beyond the spectrum of cellular or 3G mobile operators? You need not worry, as for the thousands of people who live in such remote areas, satellite broadband comes to rescue. It is because satellite broadband can be accessed from anywhere on the globe provided that you have subscribed to a satellite broadband service and have essential components like satellite dish etc. It’s mainly focuseThese days, every office needs an Internet connection, so if you can’t get conventional broadband through your telephone line, then one of our 2-way Satellite Broadband solutions is for you. At Broadband Wherever, we can supply a range of products, which will allow our customers to access the Internet via Satellite.

This will provide you with a cost effective and reliable broadband solution, throughout the UK and Europe. Satellite Internet Access is becoming more and more popular and our complete range is designed for individuals to businesses large and small. A Choice Of Satellite Broadband Speeds All of our Satellite Broadband products come with a choice of download speeds ranging from 512kbs to 3Mbps, so there's something to suit everyone. If you would like advice from one of our consultants about any of our 2-way Satellite Internet services please call us now. • Join the millions of people enjoying great value TV, broadband & call packages from Sky.

Joining Sky TV is simple and our best value offers are online. Right now, get a free Sky+ box when you join Sky TV online - standard set-up is also free when you take Sky Sports or Sky Movies (otherwise £30). Whatever TV package you choose, if you join online we'll send you a £25 M&S voucher. First, take a look at our Entertainment Packs and pick the TV you want to watch. Then add Sky Sports and Sky Movies to make your TV package extra special. Next, you can choose between a Sky+ and Sky+HD box. If you don't have an HD ready TV, add a free Sky+ box to enjoy the same pause, rewind and record features and upgrade to the HD Pack when you have a new TV. For the ultimate in entertainment, add a free Sky+HD box with the HD Pack and access the UK's widest range of HD channels, with up to 5x sharper picture detail and superb quality digital sound. Get started with an upfront payment of just £10 – your first month's access to amazing HD content will be deducted from your first bill.

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