Broadband Bundles
* Broadband can be purchased alone or come as part of a bundle or package. A bundle is where tto go for....

ProviderTitleSpeedUsage LimitMin ContractConnection FeeMonthly CostYear CostAction
Talk TAlk Special offerup to 24Mb40GB 1 month£Nil£6.99£83.99

Broadband Bundles
* Broadband can be purchased alone or come as part of a bundle or package. A bundle is where the service provider combines different services all together into the one single package. It can consist of 2, 3 or 4 services in any combination of either a broadband connection, a digital TV package; home telephone calls and more recently a mobile phone deal. Having these services together in the one bundle can save you loads of time and money, with the added convenience of only needing toBroadband Bundles Help Looking for the best Broadband bundle deal? Want free evening and weekend calls included? Digital TV? Mobile minutes? Free mobile broadband? Start off by entering your postcode in the search tool above and choosing the type of broadband package (Light, Medium or Heavy) you want, then simply compare the results in the table below. Everything About Broadband Bundles Broadband, a contraction of 'broad bandwidth', provides high-speed data-transmission rates over a phone line, digital cable or satellite connection, and has changed the way in which people use the Internet, for shopping, gaming, communicating and general entertainment. Since 2004, when Broadband services were first introduced to the UK, more and more people are accessing the Internet using Broadband service providers.

This has seen a wide variety of companies offering their services to consumers – the Broadband ISP market is one of the fastest-growing markets in the country. According to figures from the Office of National Statistics, in 2008, some 16 million households in the UK had internet access of some form, with 56 per cent of all UK households having a broadband connection. Compare this with 2006, when approximately 14 million UK homes had access to the web, and an estimated 15.3 million homes had access in 2007 - the figures speak for themselves; each year more and more people are turning on to broadband. With advances in telephone technology meaning that more and more customers are now able to make cheaper long-distance calls over the Internet and access the Internet both out of and in the home, more and more Broadband suppliers are offering deals allowing for cheaper mobile and landline phone rates combined with Broadband internet packages. As this technological convergence continues, providers are increasingly extending their operations into other markets in order to cater for the needs of an ever-expanding market area.

Today's broadband market is well furnished with a multitude of providers offering Broadband access alongside a variety of extra services. Maybe you want extra mobile minutes with your Broadband connection, or the ability to transfer music files between your computer and mobile phone. You might want to take advantage of VoIP technology and make cheap calls over a Broadband line. Maybe you just want fast, secure internet access with no extra trimmings. Or you might just be stuck for choice, unable to decide which deal to go for.

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